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Bunny Ears | Easter Rabbit & Denim

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The CUTEST Bunny Around!

Hop into the Easter spirit with our Bunny Ears for dogs and cats! Made of lightweight, structured cotton + denim, these ears are comfortable and easy to wear with adjustable head straps. Your furry friend will be the cutest rabbit on the block! 

• Fully lined for structure
• Super lightweight with flat base
• 100% cotton with wire for simple shaping
• Extra long, 43 inch long adjustable straps (cut to size*, request for longer length)
• Easy wearing (just loop on, pull & tie straps to backside of pets ears/head.

All handmade & designed in Oregon, USA.

Product Size: 7in L x 4.5in W x 1.25in D

Sizing: Natural Cotton strap is 1in W x 43in Length (standard). *If you need a longer length, let us know by emailing

Fit: Adjustable Cotton rope is 43inches in length and can be cut-to-size for the perfect fit. Fits most pets small to large sizes.

Directions: Just loop opening of rope over the front of your pets face, and pull straps at top of head to fit. Adjust to fit comfortably and secure, but not too tight! To have the perfect length, tie a bow or if needed, cut off access strap material for smaller pups & kitties. For safety concerns, it is suggested to cut off access while NOT wearing bunny ears.

Materials: 100% cotton fabric, cotton webbing, cotton denim, wire piping and elastic.
Model: Rufus 16lbs, medium sized dog

****Warnings: Stragulation warning! Keep away from children and always supervise pets & kiddies when using to avoid strap strangulation.****