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DUSK ROSE + TAN | Travel Pet Bowl

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Portable » Travel » Collapsible » Dogs + Cats

Introducing three new color bowls. Our portable pet bowls are perfect for any patio, cafe or hike and folds nicely into your pocket.

SMALL BOWL (16oz.)
LARGE BOWL (32oz. / 1 liter)

  • Portable & Collapsible
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Folds in half and secures with elastic loop
  • Elastic loop can be use with carabiner (not included)
  • Use for water or dry kibble
  • Mold + mildew resistant
  • Waterproof

Features an elastic band which doubles as folding strap, or loop. Waterproof canvas fabric makes this the lightest and easiest bowl to clean. On-the-go use for water or kibble.

Easy Cleaning: Clean with water, or mild soap using soft bristles. Wipe or air dry.