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Slow Feeder Bowl + Activity Mat | Sienna

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Slow Feeder Bowl + Activity Mat for fast eaters!

Our slow feeder + activity mats help support proper digestion and prevention of overeating, regurgitation, bloat and canine obesity with the interactive & engaging puzzles.

This super cute mat includes a built-in bowl for water or food. Additional interactive areas create more FUN! All our mats come with suction cups to secure mats in place.

Made of food safe, non-toxic, BPA free silicone. 

No-Spill | Non-Skid | Silicone Bowl + Mat

- 10in Diameter mat

- 4in x 1in Bowl / 2.5 x .75in Deep Leaf Pockets / 6in x 2.5in x 0.25in Lickable Mat

- Suction cups (on reverse) help secure the mat in place and prevents spills

- 3 Levels of Activity: 4 lick mat textures, 4 deep leaf pockets & bowl

- BPA Free

- 100% Silicone

- Super Durable 

- Food grade safe

- Non-toxic

- Dishwasher safe

- For all sizes & breeds small to large (dogs + cats)

Have Fun creating recipes - mashing & mixing ingredients*:

Veggies for Health & Nutrition:  Minced or Pureed Broccoli • Carrots (beta-carotene, vitamin A & potassium) • Sweet Potato Puree • Pumpkin Puree (vitamins A & C, plus beta-carotene)

Proteins to Mash onto Lick Mat:  Minced Chicken • Raw Pet Food • Fish for omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin D, selenium (ex: Salmon, Sardines or Tuna) • Your Pet's Favorite Treats (crushed) or Kibble mixed w/water or broth

Delicious Toppers:  All Natural Peanut Butter • 1 TableSpoon Honey (anti-microbial & anti-fungal properties, reduce inflammation soothe stomach ulcers & sore throats) • Plain yogurt (protein, calcium & probiotics: immune system + digestion.)

Fruits to Mash onto Lick Mat & Freeze 1-2hrs before serving:  Blueberries • Mashed banana • Pureed apple 

*Always consult your vet for more food options, esp. if your pets have any food allergies. Be aware that some of the above ingredients are high in sugar (honey, banana, etc..) Use in moderation & limit portions. Refer to your dogs feeding guide & do not overfeed to maintain a nutritious diet for your furry friends.